Chadwick Boseman

I didn’t think I’d be writing a blog in memory of you sir. Your death came as a shock and has given me real sadness. In a world where things seem to keep getting worse, this is now added to the list of terrible things 2020 has brought us.

I haven’t been inspired to write lately and writing is my thing. I am a writer and a writer who doesn’t feel inspired is like a soul without purpose, but when my brother called me to deliver the news of your passing, I felt inspiration to write; not for myself but to honor what you’ve done.

I mean you had been battling colon cancer for four years and we had no idea. You kept a smile on your face, and continued to press on. You meant a lot to many I know, but especially to the black community. You told our stories so well and represented our culture with class.

You brought to life Jackie Robinson, James Brown and Thurgood Marshall. Individuals who brought so much to us and you gave us a window to see them through. Thank you.

I can not leave out that you gave us Black Panther.

I am a huge Marvel fan and when I found out that we were getting a Black superhero, I was too excited. So many times we see black people as slaves, women being mistreated by their men, gang violence but Black Panther showed us as royalty. It showed women empowered, cities thriving, and intellect; it was so impactful to see, classy.

Civil War, Black Panther, Infinity War, Endgame, I mean….it’s mind blowing to know that you did these movies ill.

The last movie I saw you in was 21 Bridges, which I only watched because you were in it. Such a great film, with suspense and mystery.

I feel that you had more to give. I told someone the other day that you seemed to be the next Denzel; you were such a good actor.

But as I sit and reflect, maybe you did give it all.

You did.

In every role you played you gave your all. You used the time that you had to be a positive role model, brilliant actor, speaker and all around good person.

It’s hard to say goodbye to someone like that, and I’ve never met you. I can only imagine what your wife and family is feeling right now.

This kid from Anderson, Sc, dreamed big and inspired many.

Thank you for your work, thank you for showing us to use our gifts to tell our stories, to inspire others and to live every day like we know the next isn’t promised.

I don’t have a scripture to make it all better but I pray that those grieving find peace and to know that you now have your rest in a way brings that peace to me.

“Wakanda Forever” will hold a new meaning for us all.

Thank Chadwick, you are our superhero on and off screen.

love you loves,


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