Que soft music. Que rainfall on window pane. Que random movie on T.V. Que eye gaze and slow kiss …motion in 3..2..1… and so it begins. The beginning of the first kiss, that leads into the love making scene that we have secretly been dying to see for the pass 45 minutes. It looks so intense. You can “see” the love and passion in their eyes. The coming together of emotions, the music gets more intense and the rain fades into the background. As kisses and hands being to move in motion, the camera slowly fades away.


It’s done more than once by multiple people. It looks glamorous and it has become the new norm. Have sex anytime, multiple times with anybody you want. It’s just sex they say. Oh okay then…wrong. It is more than just sex. You are inside another person, like literally inside another person. This action can make a baby! I am tired but people just thinking “Oh sex is nothing”, it’s kind of a big deal.

I’ve heard it so many times, “Britney I can’t give sex up, I wouldn’t be myself.” Okay..so you’re sexual, you like sex. Nothing wrong with that, I’m not a virgin, I get it 100%. Ever heard of this thing called self-control? This world got us thinking that we’re missing out on something if we wait. Do what feels good and you must have sex to have a good relationship. You must know what the person is working with before you marry them. Lies, lies, lies!!! And hunny I have fallen for them too, so I know. Look, I’m preaching to myself here okay. So basically, what we are saying is God, I know that you knew what you meant when you chose sex for marriage but let me handle this.

Slap him in the face why don’t you?

I’m here to tell you it’s not worth it. Sex WILL NOT KEEP A MAN. It will not make him fall in love with you or stay. I’m not saying all men are dogs (some are savage) but a man needs more than just the physical. Sex before Marriage takes away your peace. You begin to wonder if he likes you more now or if he will leave you because he got what he wanted. You will begin to question his picture with a random woman on social media. You will be afraid wondering if you are pregnant or have an STD. And worse of all, it will take you away from what God has for you. He has so much planned for your life and we get so impatient and don’t trust Him, so we try to help him along the way. Or you say “Well, I have needs.” Cool, I understand that, but my need to hear God say, “Well done” is more important.

I’m going to tell you something that’s 100. I am not perfect by no means, but I strive to please God now more than ever before. He has delivered me from situations that I’ve never thought I would be in.

I am not judging you, I promise. If you do not agree, it’s cool. I’m just speaking from my renewed mindset in Christ which took me awhile to get too. It can be difficult, and I’ve made more mistakes than I’d like to remember but being pure in God’s eyes is worth more too me.


Love you loves, until next time.


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