We are all surviving something.

Whether it’s a break-up, death of a loved one, or the 9–5 at a mundane job, we choose to survive.


Well the answers can be endless but I will’s because we have no choice but too. What’s the alternative?

Be depressed, indulge in self-pity or be broke?

No one wants any of those three things or anything else that comes out of not being in survival mode, but there’s a question I’ve been asking myself. What is the outcome of being in survival mode?

Well…maybe having a steady paycheck, striving for goals and dreams, maybe even living your best life, but what else?

I saw something on Instagram and I wish I would have wrote down the source, but the post said something along the lines of ”You’re not overwhelmed, you’ve just been in survival mode for so long and you’re tired.”

That spoke to me.

When I step back and analyze that statement, I feel that as a human race we all are trying to “make it” to our destination (which looks different for everyone). Especially now, dealing with a pandemic and everything else going on, it’s hard sometimes to survive from day to day.

To narrow it down even more, I feel for the African-American community and I’m sure even others (but speaking on my culture), we are trying to survive being killed by people who don’t think we matter, being the token black person on the job or in a friend circle, and being seen for just our skin color and not for our creativity, intelligence and ingenuity.

Unfortunately I don’t know if we will ever feel like we don’t have to fight to stay alive or fight to stay “in the game” or keep our heads above water but I do know, that I’ve had a perspective change.

One, as a Christian I know my end goal is heaven so there’s that, however while here on this lovely planet, I see survival as something that must be done to carry us on. What I mean is, if I don’t survive and try/strive for every goal placed inside me, what will my circle do? What happens if I give up now and quit because I feel like “what’s the point anyway?” Not to say I’m the missing link to anyone’s survival or success, but when I reflect on people I deem my role models, part of the reason they are my role models is because they paved the way for us; they have made it in my eyes.

I want you to understand that survival doesn’t mean do every single thing possible to make it because that will probably cause you to burn out or be stressed hence the IG post I mentioned earlier. I think we have to deem survival as perseverance. We must persevere through the difficult times, grab that brother and sister to your left and right and reach those goals so the next generation knows they can too.

Those before us survived because they knew they had to for us and to reach their purpose.

So I guess my bottom line is that we have to take some of the “survival” pressure off and do the best we can. Don’t try to compete for success but strive for it; what’s meant for you will be for you.

Survival should be seen as persevering to one’s end goal; to making the most out of everyday and not just “surviving” it.

Love you loves

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