Clothes Off

 Inspired by Ella Eyre: We don’t have to take our clothes off

My intention was not to seduce you
I just want to relax in your company but when your eyes touch me,
I lose all control, all logic fades.

I begin to remember the last time your lips were on mine.
The last time your hands rubbed my curves and my body rode yours.
My intention was not to seduce you

I want to stimulate your mind and show you that I am a strong beautiful black woman but
Your scent makes me weak.
My fingers intertwine on the hairs of your beard as you close your eyes embracing my touch.

Why can’t it always be like this?
Why don’t you let me in as easily as I let you in between?
Our passion is as sweet as nectar but is as deadly as poison in the same breath.

My intention was not to seduce you
But you touch my heart and walls and I,
I promise I’m a good woman, but my good girl just gets lost around you.

I hope you can see past this, I hope you see I want more than you between my thighs
I want you in my arms, nestled on my chest as I whisper in your ear
                ♫♫We don’t have to take our clothes off…♫♫




Ella Eyre. “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off.” Feline, Virgin EMI Records, 2015.

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